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The reason why we stand out
Aim for innovation
Retrieve your every thought!

We are obsessed with breakthroughs.

For example, the wattage of laser engraving machines is constantly breaking through, from the first small breakthrough from 5W to 10W; from a simple home entertainment machine to a home-style DIY workshop creation. It greatly improves the cutting performance of the machine and breaks through the traditional electromechanical connection work to realize offline engraving. It is a qualitative leap from 10W to 20W. The high-strength cutting ability combined with the stable machine frame realizes small batch production in home-style DIY workshops, creates exclusive customized icons, and completes each unique work.
We are a creativity-driven global technology brand and our values guide us in all that we do - from our independent innovation, to how we enhance and build our strong culture. The existence of Atezr is to gather global creativity, and inspiration is the bridge of our communication. If you have an idea, then join us, break through the bottleneck of inspiration, explore the unknown world, and reshape a distinct you with Atezr.


 We are committed to R&D.


What progress can be achieved when four diode assemblies are combined? Revolutionary machine. We improved the area of the laser spot and reduced it to 0.08*0.06mm. In the process of breaking through the wattage, Atezr has been pursuing the advancement of laser module technology. Atezr achieves an upgrade in machine performance, breaks the traditional tedious assembly method of disassembling machine parts, and adopts one-piece installation, which greatly shortens the installation time.


We define the aesthetic.


Atezr has a pair of "eyes" (laser module) that are good at discovering and defining beauty. Different from the traditional shoddy military style, Atezr machines are not limited to appearing in ordinary workbenches, they are perfectly integrated with life, and may also be decorations in the home. We want to make Atezr laser engraver not only a machine but also an ornament for your home. Atezr has undergone numerous investigations, experiments, and improvements to increase the wattage while maintaining the stability of the body and reducing the weight of the machine to the greatest extent. Finally, the magic color of the exclusive machine is customized. Under different light exposure, Atezr's body will show different colors, and break the cumbersome feeling of CO2 laser engraving, "eyes" (laser head) help you to define the aesthetics of life.


We care about various realms.


The Atezr team achieves sublimation from 0 to 1, and when you use Atezr's laser engraving, you can achieve divergence from point to surface. Our focus has never been limited to DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, and home workshops. In the field of education, we can inspire students with a complete STEM experience. Students in the School of Architecture will use Atezr's laser engraving machine to spread their ideas; school teachers will use Atezr's laser engraving machine to stimulate students' enthusiasm; family mothers will use laser engraving machines to attract children's attention to food; laboratory developers will use Atezr's laser engraving machine to make robot models. We have never been more than 1, but more towards X, developing new worlds in unknown fields.

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