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Color Engraving on Metal

Oct 11,2022 | Atezr

Color Engraving on Metal

You can engrave aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and other metals. These can be colored and engraved directly without the need for a coloring agent. Here is an example of stainless steel.

The Principle of Stainless Steel Color Development
There are three color rendering methods:

  1. The formation of colored oxides;
  2. Under the action of the chemical, electrochemical, or laser, a very thin colorless and transparent oxide film is formed on the surface of stainless steel, and the oxide film produces an interference effect, which can show the color on the surface;
  3. It is a mixed state in which colored oxides and oxide films exist at the same time.

Principle: Using the laser to heat stainless steel material, at an appropriate defocus amount, high pulse frequency and other appropriate parameters, colored oxides are formed on the surface, or a layer of the colorless and transparent oxide film is formed. Due to the thin film interference effect of light, various colors appear, and the oxidized products of metal elements in stainless steel will also appear in color.

Now we provide one of these methods, the main parameters are speed, power, and line interval, the engraving software is LightBurn.
Notes: 1. Keep the engraved surface level 2. Correct focus

Make a Test Matrix

  1. Create a matrix
    -Draw a graph

    -Select the lower left box

    -Select the desired number of rows and columns and the appropriate spacing

  2. Select different coatings and set corresponding parameters

  3. Laser mode selection fill for each coat, use overscan settings, and select once to fill group shapes

  4. At this time, in the cutting layer, the power must be 100%, and the speed and the line interval for different coating settings need to be verified.

    5. Select a column of the matrix and enter the cutting order priority, and desired power percentage in the shape properties window

(Note: the same cutting order priority represents the same power)

After the matrix test chart is completed, check the effect and estimated time-consuming through the preview, and then proceed to the next step for testing.

Test Result Display

Download Free Test File
Atezr-20W-Stainless Steel interval test speed3000.Ibrn

PS: Other files will be shared on a file page later, so stay tuned

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May 18,2023
Does this work for a CO2 laser also or just a fiber laser?
Apr 04,2023
This is a great post! This is very useful Information. It would be cool to add the pictures of the palette using different materials so we can see the difference that you are talking about.
Oct 14,2022
We use brushed stainless steel plates, different materials will have different effects, you can also use mirror stainless steel
Oct 14,2022
Which material do you use to engrave? In your pics, stainless pad?
Oct 14,2022
It is amazing! I will try it according this message!