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L2 24W Laser Engraver


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L2 36W Laser Engraver


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Cutting Depth One Pass(Wood)
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Why Choose Atezr L2


Maximum engraving speed of 540000mm/min (900mm/s), greatly improves productivity and reduces working time by 40-60%.

Resuming of engraving after power loss

Revolutionize your engraving experience with our advanced automatic power failure recovery system that remembers the engraving position and uses an algorithm to quickly locate and continue engraving from where it left off, achieving uninterrupted and efficient production.

Z-Axis Automatically Sinks

L2 features an Automatic sinking function that allows for improving the precision of cutting different materials. L2 laser engraver boasts a 30% increase in sinking depth compared to other brands with the same power. Get ready for increased productivity and consistent engraving quality without the need for manual adjustments. 

Cross-Positioning Autofocus

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual focusing and hello to faster and more efficient engraving with automatic and accurate positioning of the engraving point. Eliminate deviations and achieve high-quality and stunning engravings effortlessly with Atezr L2.

LED Laser Energy Output Display

Maximize your laser engraving experience with L2 LED laser energy output display. Accurately measures and displays laser energy output, enabling you to adjust it quickly to suit different materials for optimal engraving results.

Offline Engraving and Cutting

The 4.3-inch offline terminal display can realize various machine functions. Save the designed files in the TF card, and you can work without connecting to the computer. Working offline enables small batches of work.

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What improvements are there between the L1 and the L2?

The L2 machine is more powerful, faster and more intelligent. In addition, L2 has an amazing power-off resuming function.

What is the maximum power of L2?

Up to 36W power 

What is the maximum engraving speed of L2?

Maximum engraving speed of 540000mm/min (900mm/s), greatly improves productivity and reduces working time by 40-60%.

What materials is L2 suitable for?

Atezr L2 is suitable for a wide range of materials, including wood, glass, plastic, leather, rubber, paper, and more. It has various applications in personalized gift manufacturing, handicraft production, advertising signs, and other fields.