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Unleash your creativity with
L2 24W Machine

Atezr L2 24w Laser Engraver

Unleash your creativity with our all-new high-powered engraving machine. Boasting an astonishing 24W power, the cutting-edge machinery from our latest collection epitomizes both speed and precision. Ignite your innovative journey with our state-of-the-art engraver and embrace rapid, detailed and uninterrupted engraving like never before!

Improve Work Efficiency

Maximum engraving speed of 540000mm/min (900mm/s), greatly improves productivity and reduces working time by 40-60%.

Resume Engraving with Power Failure Recovery

Revolutionize your engraving experience with our advanced automatic power failure recovery system that remembers the engraving position and uses an algorithm to quickly locate and continue engraving from where it left off, achieving uninterrupted and efficient production.

Z-Axis Automatically Sinks

L2 features an Automatic sinking function that allows for improving the precision of cutting different materials. L2 laser engraver boasts a 30% increase in sinking depth. The Atezr L2 automatically adjusts focus to suit the material thickness.

Multi-level Safety Functions

Equipped with 6 limit switches, flame detector, and gyroscope sloping 15-20°position protection, designed to prevent any potential damage or accidents when the laser module hits the machine in an efficient manner.

Sturdy Equipment Design for Enhanced Performance and Reliability.

1. Upgraded optical axis and linear guides provide 4 times longer lifespan and support 180000 sliding cycles. 
2. Enclosed timing belts ensure easy adjustment and minimal slippage, providing stable support for the L2's high-speed engraving.
3. The solid and stable frame provides a strong backing for high-speed engraving, ensuring the stability and reliability of the machine

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