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ATEZR P10 Combo 60W Laser Engraver with 20"*20" inches Laser Honeycomb Work Table & Air Assist & Rotary Roller, 430 * 430mm Working Area, 10W Laser Power CNC Laser Engraver for PC/Mobile


This bundle contains 2 items (may ship separately)

1 of ATEZR P10 Combo 60W Laser Engraver with Air Assist& Rotary Roller, 17 * 17Inch Working Area, 10W Laser Power CNC Laser Engraver for PC/Mobile, Hypersonic Laser for Wood/Metal/Acrylic etc.

  • 【Great Value Combination - ATEZR P10 COMBO】P10 laser cutter and engraver machine comes standard with 1 air assist (KA) and 1 high density aluminum roller(KR). The 30L+/min air assist blows away the high temperature smoke generated during laser operation through the unique air duct built into the laser module, which helps to engrave more delicate models. You can use the roller to engrave objects with diameters from 2mm-150mm, such as goblets, skateboards, pencils, etc
  • 【Stability and Efficiency】The Atezr P10 laser engraving machine is made of high-density aluminum alloy. It can ensure engraving accuracy and stability even at a high speed of 24,800mm/min, and save nearly 40%-80% of working time. The engraving area of Atezr P10 engraving machine is increased to 17*17Inch, which can engrave larger materials
  • 【Powerful Laser Technology】ATEZR P10 60w Laser Engraver has 10W laser output power. The laser focus area is reduced to 0.08*0.06mm, which can cut 12mm wood board and 8mm black acrylic at one time.ATEZR P10 laser cutter can cut up to 18mm wood board and 30mm acrylic board. It can combine precision engraving and high energy cutting. The working life of the laser module can reach 30,000+ hours
  • 【Multiple Connection Modes】ATZER laser cutting machine has 4 connection modes. You can not only connect to PC, mobile phone/tablet APP, but also connect to touch screen and WLAN. You can download APP from App Store/Google Play Store and use your mobile device to take photos and upload to APP directly to start engraving. ATZER laser cutting and engraving machine will bring you a new DIY control experience
  • 【Customer Service】We will provide you with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty for quality issues and lifetime technical support for your Atezr products. You can always contact our support team for a fast and effective solution. Customer service is available 24/7 online


1 of ATEZR 20"*20" Laser Bed Honeycomb Work Table for Laser Engraving Machine, 500 * 500mm Honeycomb Bed for Fast Heat Dissipation, Bench Protection Compatible with All Laser Engraver

  • 【Large size and fast measurement】Honeycomb working table measures 20 x 20 x 0.86 inches, the edge of the honeycomb laser bed has precise graduations and forms a right-angle measuring ruler, which allows us to easily and quickly measure cutting and engraving objects.
  • 【Compatible with All Laser Engravers】ATEZR 20'' x 20'' honeycomb working table can work with all brand laser engravers, making your cutting work perfect.
  • 【Required accessories for laser cutting】honeycomb work table effectively dissipates flue gases and avoids excessive burns, keeping the cutting surface clean and tidy. It also prevents laser reflections from damaging the laser head during cutting and prolongs the life of the laser.
  • 【Anti-slip design】mounting design, suitable for attaching different sizes of carvings, to prevent the engraved objects from shifting and deforming during the carving process. Four magnetic nails included, which can fix not only thick objects, but also very thin objects
  • 【Desktop with double protection】the ATEZR honeycomb board adopts a scientific and reasonable design of honeycomb height to prevent laser burning of workbenches or desktops. It is also equipped with a cut-resistant metal protective back panel, which can additionally protect the desktop from laser damage.