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Atezr Generation 1 Laser Engravers

Unleash your creativity with our precision Laser Engraving Machine! Perfect for personalized gifts, unique art projects, or professional designs. Reliable, efficient, and versatile – it's creativity at your fingertips.

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Atezr Generation 2 Laser Engravers

Step up your creativity with Atezr updated L2 Laser Engravers. Enhanced precision, faster engraving, and greater versatility – the L2 takes your engraving projects to a whole new level. Ready to create the extraordinary.

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Buy the L2 24 Laser Engraver and get a raiser for L2 machines valued at $39.99 for free. Don't pass up this unbeatable offer as it's for a limited period only. 

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Reviews From Atezr Influencer

White Ghost

The speed of the L2 24W Laser Engraverbe as high as 54000mm/min while cutting through 40mm black acrylic with ease. 


20MM spruce only needs to be cut once, which is twice the effect of a 10W machine, and the use of air assist can perfectly ensure a clean and smooth cutting surface.

Tripods Garage

 Automatic Roller - Super functional engraving any cylinder, you can easily change the structure to process different objects but get the same amazing results.

    Love this machine. So far it has done everything I've wanted it to do and more


    I started with the P20 Plus 20W. For a business venture, that's not enough. So I purchased an Atezr L2 24W laser engraver, all the ingenuity and product development has been poured into a commercial grade machine. Fully recommended.


    The Atezr L2 24W was a major upgrade for me. If you have any experience with lasers, you should be able to get it up and running quickly. It also comes with air assist, which is just my go-to overall. Also bought as plus. Works as expected.


    I bought L2 36W. Its upgraded version has excellent functions. I bought it to replace the old engraving machine. I used it to complete the customer's order. It is great. I believe in Atezr!



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