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Atezr Advanced-hyper engraver: The Ultra-Fast Laser Engraver

Mar 22,2023 | Atezr

Atezr is currently developing a second-generation laser engraving machine. Although the product is still in the research and development stage, atezr has made initial progress and realized initial functions. Atezr will continue to work hard to continuously improve the performance and functions of the product to bring customers a better experience. Thank you for your attention and support.

Atezr is currently in the process of developing a second-generation laser engraving machine. While the final design and functionality are still being developed, Atezr is pleased to share the initial product positioning and preliminary exterior design. Please note that the final appearance and functionality of the product may vary and should be based on the latest version of our second-generation machine.



Doug Moore
Mar 23,2023
Looks great! When might we expect this to be available? I need to get going on Fall and Christmas inventory soon.